Jade Verette is a chef and custom cocktail curator living in Brooklyn, New York, When she is not catering to high profile clients across the Tri-state area and providing witty and trill commentary to the Jade+XD podcast, she is a full-time wife and mother to one of the coolest kids on the planet. 

Jade is a purveyor of all things black and beautiful and draws inspiration from a lineage of amazing cooks and chefs. Her tastes are rooted in Southern and Caribbean cuisine, however she is multifaceted and can take on cuisines from around the world making them deliciously her own.

Know for incorporating hip-hop culture in to all she does, Jade’s social commentary has been featured on Global Grind’s Socially Decoded digital series. Also Jade’s culinary and mixology chops have been featured on both and Ebony Magazine (print).